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Woke washing, voice coding and augmented travelling

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This week we learn about the dangers of tokenism, innovations in voice-coding and how AR is set to point us in the right direction.
global marketing perspectives

Global Perspectives is our regular round-up of the best marketing ideas and insights to inform and inspire. Here’s what’s grabbed my attention this week…

Talking the Talk vs Walking the Walk.

I came across this article by Mark Ritson on how brands were responding to Black Lives Matter. It makes sober reading. Talk is easy but it’s what you do that matters and it’s clear that some brands (Nike, Adidas, Spotify, L’Oreal, Apple to name just a few) are good at talking the talk, but are a long way from walking the walk. Check out the make up of their leadership teams and you’ll see what I mean.

And Brands need to be careful. Yes they should support good causes but woke washing while maintaining poor corporate practice will in time garner a backlash.

For the post office in the UK has already had this happen. They painted 4 post boxes black for black history month to represent the stories of four prominent black people. With over 100,000 post boxes and thousands of potential candidates to be represented it’s been condemned as tokenistic.

The comedian Munya Chawawa has a parody on YouTube about how they might have come up with the idea. Funny.

Of course it’s not a new topic. Our 2017 article on making diversity real is still one of our most read.

Low-code to voice code.

Scott Brinker (you know the guy that started the technology landscape maps) has long advocated that we’re entering a new age of technology where citizen developers, via low code platforms, are empowered to build the websites, the applications, and the integrations they need themselves. Now he has started to pull these low-code platforms together (although some are missing I was taken by how many there already were.

Gartner says it will be a $45B market by 2024). Scott Explains his thinking on the lowcode ecosystem too which as always makes sense. (disclosure I currently work on Acquia Site Studio a low code site building tool)

And coding using your voice is now a thing and it’s really pretty cool. Serenade is a new application that allows you to code most key languages using just your voice. The initial thought was to help coders with disabilities but I can’t see why in time this is not the future of all coding.

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Is AR coming of age?

I’ve seen a lot of new AR concepts and applications appearing recently. It’s a space I’m really interested in as I believe done well it can make a real difference and add real value. An example of really great AR is this concept of a mixed reality App for navigating in the mountains. Surely an outdoor brand should be getting in on this.

And it looks like Google is going all in with the launch of Live View. This looks really interesting and something marketers, especially in travel and hospitality need to be aware of. It’s only on their pixel phone at the moment but coming to iOS and Android soon.

But don’t make the mistake of doing it badly. The greek Tourist board launched recently but the content is no more than adverts even though they implied via their partnership with Google it would be much more. Another example of all talk and no walk and a waste of time. Shame as conceptually it’s a good idea.


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Craig Hanna
Author: Craig Hanna
Managing Editor at GMA |

Craig Hanna is part owner and regular contributor to the GMA. He is also a product manager at Acquia for Site Studio, a low-code platform for building and managing enterprise websites in Drupal 8 (Craig was a co-founder of what was known as Cohesion before its acquisition by Acquia). Previously Craig established the training and consultancy business at www.econsultancy,com (Now part of Centaur Plc) and was responsible for the launch of their US office..

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