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eBook: Upgrade your copy from filler to killer with Herschell Gordon Lewis

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killer copywriting

Delve into the works of the late great Herschell Gordon Lewis, AKA ‘The King of Killer Copy’ and discover how to create copy that sells even during the most challenging times.

He was known around the world as the “Godfather of Gore.”

But the international direct marketing community knew him better as the King of Killer Copy.Killer Copy in a Crisis

Herschell Gordon Lewis was a professor of English who made words his weapon of choice and taught marketers how to use them skilfully by ‘poking ’em directly so they wouldn’t forget ’em.’

Herschell published over thirty copywriting books including Hot Appeals or Burnt Offerings, Sales Letters That Sizzle, and Open Me Now.

For many years he wrote a monthly column called Copy Class for Direct Marketing International magazine (now the Global Marketing Alliance).

Killer Copy in a Crisis is an exclusive collection of Herschell’s articles published from 2008 – 2010.

Twelve years ago, Herschell was writing about the importance of innovative marketing in a financial crisis. Not this one, the last one.

The Foreword is written by one of the UK’s most well-known marketing experts, Drayton Bird.

David Ogilvy said of him “Drayton Bird knows more about direct marketing than anyone in the world”.

When asked if he’d like to contribute, Drayton kindly agreed by saying: ‘Herschell was a one-man oasis of wit in a desert of bores’

Killer Copy in a Crisis is must-read for anyone with the word marketing in their job title.

Killer Copy in a Crisis

Words of wisdom from Herschell Gordon Lewis

  • On messaging: “Don’t get diarrhoea of the fingertips’ with overzealous sales copy.”
  • On offerings: “Few are willing to commit suicide because a mortician is offering a ‘special’ this week.”
  • On headlines: “Illustration should agree with what we are selling, not with headline copy”
  • On technology: “We’re wallowing in a populist sea and losing control of our own instruments”
  • On advertising: “Barnum was right. There’s a sucker born every minute and the Web is a fertile territory for 21st century Barnum’s.”


Matt Edgar
Author: Matt Edgar
Managing Partner at GMA

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