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Here is a selection of industry reports produced by the Global Marketing Alliance

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How to build a data strategy: a step-by-step guide
In an era where data overwhelm is the norm, a data strategy that actually works is a rare commodity. Here we offer a practical guide on how to build a data strategy featuring expert commentary, data strategy templates and some of the best resources on the internet. Whether you’re keen to develop a data strategy or improve your existing one, this practical guide will take you on the path to success by: Developing your understanding of data strategy and its importance, Providing actionable tips on how to get started, and Showcasing data strategy models and real-life case studies
Are you addicted to bad data? Get clean and stay clean
The growth of data and its strategic importance to organisations of all sizes has thrust the issue of data quality into the spotlight. Our new whitepaper – in collaboration with data and insight specialists, REaD Group – examines the scale of ‘bad data’, its implications for businesses and what can be done about it.
B2B Data Insight Report: Unlocking opportunity in a shifting landscape
Our new report with MeritDirect takes stock of the current state of data-driven marketing. Drawing on a combination of surveys and interviews with industry leaders, we reveal how forward-thinking data marketers are continuing to find opportunity in a shifting technological and regulatory landscape. We discover the mood is optimistic. Organisations are continuing to increase their investment in data and continue to realise its potential as a key business driver.
Board Room Practice: Data Management
The data-driven economy is enabling new business models, creates new markets and changes what customers expect from us. Digital and technology are getting more prominence in the board room. Risk committees are trying hard to keep abreast of cybersecurity. How should the board approach oversight of data management? This white paper will touch on all the key concepts a board member should know about oversight and governance of data.
Data Impact Report: data governance in a post-GDPR world
The importance of data governance has long been recognised by businesses with complex data management needs. But GDPR raised the stakes and forced organisations of all sizes to get to grips with their data. Our latest report examines the pressing need for robust data governance procedures and what this means for organisations today.
Data Impact Report: ‘GDPR: 1 Year On’
2018 saw a scramble towards compliance as the GDPR deadline approached proving that many organisations were unprepared for the new obligations that it placed upon them. In many cases, there was confusion over the appropriate course of action to take. So where are we now?
Innovation in Data Driven B2B Marketing
The GMA and MeritDirect have teamed up to produce a new report which explores the power of account-based marketing (ABM) and how it can be leveraged to create better returns for marketing and sales teams. For those struggling to fully comprehend the benefits of account-based marketing - or communicate them to buyers – this report lays bear its importance and how it will deliver a strong ROI.
Intelligent ABM: Why data is your passport to success
ABM is now a key strategy for any company selling to enterprise businesses. Its evolution from Key Account Marketing has been rapid. However, it’s much more than a cosmetic name change, with a new approach to data and account-wide awareness and advocacy now seen as key to success. This multi-channel approach requires new skills, new technology and new partners if it is to provide real ROI for your business.