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If you’re an advertiser or an affiliate publisher, and you want to connect to one or the other, Affie is one of the best choices on today’s market. A performance marketing network, Affie is full of quality connections from all over the world, operating in a variety of niches.

Welcome to Affie, an affiliate network finding the perfect fit between a performance marketing company, and a trustworthy publisher base. Here, relationships between businesses are built on trust and to the members’ mutual advantage. Affie helps form long lasting partnerships based on in-depth research of its every member. The aim is to sell traffic that is highly likely to convert, drawn from a rich pool of different traffic sources. The network this performance marketing company has built resides on trust, the highest quality of traffic, and online safety.
Also, many different niches can benefit from Affie’s diverse publisher base. More than 700 trusted publishers compete to become the best fit for an Affie member. The publishers allow members to pick from many advertising models. Additionally, Affie helps you customize your marketing campaign to increase sales and quality lead generation. Our affiliate publishers help you acquire the highest quality of traffic, and get more leads, speeding up your successful traffic monetization. Affie works with members from all over the world, including the United States, Europe, or other worldwise GEOs if requested. Affie allows for a wide variety of payment systems, including CC Submit offers.
Join Affie today if you plan to increase quality user acquisition, and generate more conversions.

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