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The most effective uses of video marketing

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Online video is rapidly expanding to become the future of content marketing, due to its ability to quickly inform an audience while keeping up engagement through entertaining content.
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Garth Haley discusses the effectiveness of online videos in influencing purchasers.

According to Cisco, video content will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic by 2017, meaning that video-on-demand traffic will have almost trebled. With the number of businesses using video content steadily growing, don’t be left behind.

Using statistics from a survey conducted by Hyperfine Media, here are examples of the most effective uses of video marketing and how you can incorporate from them, along with the survey’s results.

Product reviews

Tech is one area where product reviews simply excel when it comes to video content, with 35% of votes. Marques Brownlee is one of many YouTubers who have capitalised on this, gaining a following of almost 3m subscribers. Featuring everything from the latest phones to supercomputers, Marques aka MKBHD has the influence to strongly sway a viewer’s opinion on a piece of tech that they might not have ever held in their own hand. The ability to make positive connections through social media content is something that the strongest content plans have to consider.

MKBHD’s videos are successful due to their direct nature. They’re informative right from the very first moment. There’s no need to skip past a long and boring introduction which details the creator of the video instead of the actual product itself, it’s straight to the point and his views reflect this. Keep things simple and engaging if you want to hold your viewer’s attention for the entire duration of the video and drive them to learn more about your product or service.

Product launch videos

Product launch videos are an essential and can bring a whole new audience to your product when well made, as the result of 20% of all votes proves. When social media giant Instagram launched their video sharing function, they did so by making a video about it. The launch of ‘Instagram Video’ is beautiful and informative, its simplicity and direct nature intended to reflect the service itself. Featuring content posted on Instagram by its own users, the video aims to offer the viewer an insight to the site’s history and create a lasting connection between the viewer and the content. If you want to make a video that illuminates your product in light of its launch, take note from Instagram and create an ad of substance.

Video marketing and customer testimonials

Creating positive brand association and social media buzz can all lead from customer testimonials and their importance is reflected with 15% of all votes. Credible testimonial has the power to influence a potential buyer and create new prospects and opportunities for your brand. A positive online presence is important for any brand, especially around the launch of a new campaign. Good customer service and online engagement should result in the most natural testimonials, but inviting customers to give testimonials via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook using incentives is a great way to entice.iStock_000014219561XSmall-300x197

YouTubers with large social followings create the most powerful customer testimonials, making their audience yours for all important introduction. Contact users that currently create videos related to your products and engage with them to offer free use of your product or service. When you’re marketing a good product, impartial testimonials should always be the focus. Be sure to keep an eye on your brand’s testimonials and respond to any negative engagement with positive solutions, whenever possible.

Utilising the most effective forms of video marketing is essential and, as the number of businesses using video marketing continues to grow, maintain your audience and create new connections and encourage conversions.

Author: Garth Haley
Hyperfine Media |

Garth Haley is corporate videographer, editor and animator at Hyperfine Media.

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