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Top UK retailers losing out from abandoned online shopping trollies – report

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Genesys research shows that out of those surveyed, only 20% of UK online retailers followed up after goods were abandoned before check-out

Genesys, a major provider of multi-channel customer experience and contact centre solutions, has announced the results of a survey on the abandonment of online shopping carts.

In August, it commissioned a study into how engaged online retailers are in assisting their potential customers.

During this survey, around £140 of goods were put into the online shopping carts of 75 of the top UK retailers, which were subsequently abandoned before the check-out. Only 15% of the 75 retailers studied followed up with an email or phone call within 24 hours, and only 5% followed up again in the subsequent 24 hours. None proactively engaged with the customer during the online shopping session despite customers being active on the website for the entire time before the abandonment. Just 7% of the companies had chat as an available option and none of them used this option during the process.

Brendan Dykes, director of Strategic Marketing, Genesys, said: “We were shocked at the amount of retailers that didn’t follow-up on the abandoned shopping carts, despite the customer being online the entire time and providing their contact details.

“In other words, of the potential £10,830 revenue on offer to the retailers, £9,180 was not pursued at all and only £1,650 was pursued after the shopping cart had been abandoned. This wouldn’t happen in bricks and mortar stores, where assistants would be only too keen to follow-up or cross-sell and up-sell.

“Other industry research shows that more than 65% of online shopping carts are abandoned. In an online store, not only is business lost, but the store would probably lose customers to their competition, too.

“Retailers should not just follow-up afterwards by email or phone, but should also look to make simple additions to the online customer experience such as adding web chat – this can make a real difference to the customer, and help them find what they want.”



Sally Hooton
Author: Sally Hooton
Editor at The GMA |

Trained as a journalist from the age of 18 and enjoying a long career in regional newspaper reporting and editing, Sally Hooton joined DMI (Direct Marketing International) magazine as editor in 2001. DMI then morphed into The GMA, taking her with it!

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