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Top 10 SEO practices to help drive your website traffic

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How do you successfully boost traffic to your website and encourage visitors to browse and hopefully buy your products and services while online? First of all, potential customers have to be able to find your site – and that’s where good use of SEO practices start. Mary Jones explains what SEO – Search Engine Optimisation – actually is and how to leverage it properly to watch your business grow.
SEO practices

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the act of improving the quality and quantity of traffic to your site through internet search engine results. Here are my strategies, tactics and techniques to encourage more visitors to a website by ranking well on search engines like Google.

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

To understand SEO in a better way, let’s break it down into multiple parts.

You can have the attention of visitors from any corner of the world on your site, but only if your search engine lets them know you are available. You might have great content, but it all goes down the drain if the right readers don’t find it. SEO as an act is pure science and some common sense, like having a well-planned url. Check out the YouTube video below.



When you have the right individuals navigating through those search engine results pages (SERPs), it brings more traffic to your website.

10 SEO practices for a brilliant marketing campaign

Search engine results are location-based, so if you live in the UK, you can’t really see what kind of results an online user from the US would get – which would be a problem if you’re trying to rank an online store in US-based search engine results, and want to see what people are searching for, as well as how the competition is doing.

Sure, you can use online ads and other tools to achieve the desired results, but wouldn’t it be easier if you could just trick Google into believing you are based in the US, so that you’d be presented with relevant results in seconds?

Well, if you were to be using VPN from for SEO results, that’s exactly what you’d be able to do! You’d just need to connect to a VPN server in a specific country (like the US, for example), and start performing search queries to find all the localized ranking info you need.

Oh, and don’t forget – besides localized SEO results, you’d also be able to see location-specific ads. So, you’d get to easily check up on how your own ads are being displayed for a specific location, or get a glimpse at what kind of competition you are facing ad-wise.

  • Play with the keywords

The keyword is the most important part of building a successful SEO campaign. Your keyword must be very specific and should be simple in language; try to avoid using technical words as keywords.

Narrow down your keyword to make it more SEO friendly, this will help your site to be viewed for more specific searches.

  • Make social media your friend

Good content in social media gets circulated fast, because of the value it carries. Once your readers see the value you are adding for them with your content, they are likely to share it on their social media platforms. That’s how Google includes results from Facebook, Twitter, Quora and other social media pages in its search result. It also lets search engines and your readers know of your activity. Subsequently, your readers will increasingly connect with you, as they find more and more of your content.

  • Create well-designed search engine-optimised landing pages  

Your landing page is your website’s first impression, so make it matter. By creating an optimised landing page you can build a strong relationship with incoming search traffic. A well-designed landing page can result in an encouraging gateway for incoming traffic. Also, a good landing page can improve the lead production and sales.

  • Read the mind of your audience!

Constantly focus on what your target audience is looking out for, then it will be easy for you to draw their attention towards your content. For example, if your target audience is women aged between 35-45, they probably wouldn’t want to read about how to impress teenage girls at a party!

It is also important to maintain good interaction with your audience to get clear feedback on your content. This will help you to understand your strong and weak points and will thus make your strategies stronger.

It is advisable to react to queries placed by readers on your blogs. It shows that you know about the subject and are available for your readers. This will help you to maintain a long-term relationship with them. The more readers you have, the more reviews you get; more reviews lead to better ratings. This process will help you reach Google’s top ranking pages.

  • Express your content through video

An amazing way to keep people engaged and entertained is through use of videos. Recent surveys have shown that use of video is improving content and that it is one of the best ways to improve your ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs). Videos help provide responsiveness to merger results or searches. Therefore, it is a great way for your content to show up on the first page of the search result.

  • Local SEO development is making more sense now

It has become important to focus on local SEO, with more and more marketers using the local SEO tool to drive business. Location is an essential part of the search engine ranking, and it has become typical practice for marketers to focus on a group of people using their location.

  • Keep it simple and original

Let the content be original and simple; don’t try to wedge the keywords into the sentences. The moment you try to write content by stuffing keywords, the content goes off-track.

Be careful to avoid these technicalities. So that it doesn’t bring down your ranking and also kill your credibility.

  • Research your competitors’ SEO keywords

Do the research yourself using the various tools and methods available and focus on improving your strategies. A small amount of research will not cost you much – other than just your time. In return, you can produce some great new strategies for your business.

  • Creative snippets for a better SEO ranking 

Snippets are not directly linked to the SEO standpoint, but indirectly they play a vital role in your content. Snippets can help your content expand the Click-Through Ratio, by displaying other information in the search result page, such as reviews and ratings.

Basically, when a piece of content has been reviewed and liked by others, they are most likely to become preferred content for other users, too.

  • Remember – choose the perfect keyword for the SEO page title

The most effective way to hit the top ranking in Google is with your SEO keywords, but also a page title is a very important part of any content to attract readers. When you merge both these approaches, your work is more effective. Don’t try to stuff keywords into the page title, it looks sketchy to the reader. Such tactics can cause a bad reputation and it might bring down your ranking, too.

  • Outsource your SEO & SEM

As your site gets bigger, managing search engine optimization can be a nightmare since it requires more time and effort. Hiring a professional to take care of these tasks is not only cheaper than you might have thought but you will enjoy a high ROI. In fact, it’s safe to say your SEO costs will get covered easily. And you’ll soon be growing your business with the extra brand exposure. If you’ve tried to do this yourself, you’re well aware that SEO is something that encompasses a broad array of techniques. One of them is link building, which is where you have external sites linking to relevant content on your site. Another benefit of Reseller SEO outsourcing, is their relationships with other site owners. If you try to do the SEO work yourself, you are unlikely to have a list of sites you can work with for link building.

These ten strategies should certainly help you to be ranked more highly by search engines. Let me know of any other strategies that have worked for you, that I might have missed.

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Mary Jones
Author: Mary Jones
Editor-in-chief at TopMyGrades |

Co-founder and editor-in-chief at TopMyGrades, Mary Jones focuses on the content marketing strategy of many clients working in the education industry in the USA, Canada and the UK. She has also worked closely with many e-learning solution providers as an essay writer, helping them plan their content strategy and audit their campaign execution.

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