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KUDOS! The companies finding creative ways to help fight COVID-19

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Not every company has the skills and resources to develop respiratory equipment or PPE, yet many are finding creative ways to make a real difference during the Coronavirus pandemic. Here's a list of who's doing what...
fight covid-9

Many companies are simply doing all they can to survive during the current COVID-19 pandemic. In some sectors the only response that makes sense is to hunker down and prepare for the time when restrictions start to get lifted.

However, a growing number of companies, large and small, have stepped up to help where they can. We’ve been capturing some of these efforts and will continue to do so.

If you know of other companies which are trying to help fight COVID-19 and ease its impact then please add them in comments or email with details. We’ll make sure they get added to our list.

The COVID-19 Hall of Fame

1. Airbnb

Airbnb are trying to help first responders and key workers fighting COVID-19 to get the accommodation they need, close to the places they need to be. Key workers are working extremely long hours and the last thing they need to do is commute for hours more.

In many cases they may also have vulnerable family members at home who they are putting at risk every day. Airbnb wanted to remove that burden. They are encouraging their hosts to offer their accommodation for free if they can (or greatly reduced) and have removed all their charges.

Find out more about Airbnb’s initiative

2. Acquia

If you are an organisation suddenly having to deal with front-line communication of vital information or services in relation to the crisis – typically non-profits, healthcare, education, government agencies, NGO’s etc – then Acquia is offering free access to their platform for the duration of the crisis. Acquia already run some of the largest digital platforms in this area (for example many of the Federal and Gov sites in the US and beyond) and so have the capabilities to scale securely.

In the public sector, government agencies are leveraging the platform to communicate critical health and emergency information to constituents through landing pages and electronic campaigns.

Read more about Acquia’s offer to help organisations during Covid-19.

3. BrewDog

BrewDog  were one of the first breweries to retool their business to provide hand sanitizer.

“We are determined to do everything we can to try and help as many people as possible stay safe. It’s time to keep it clean,” tweeted the company.

The company has now packed and donated over 50,000 units to the NHS and local charities.

BrewDog are not the only ones working on the sanitizer issue with Leith Gin, Verdant Spirits and Pernod Ricard also all getting involved in efforts to ramp up production of hand sanitizer, which has become scarce around the world as the crisis has spread.

Find out more about BrewDog’s work here.

4. Logitech

Logitech offered free headsets to US schools to help them transition to remote classrooms. The program has been so popular that it’s been suspended due to stocks running out. Nonetheless, it’s still benefited thousands of schools.

Find out more about Logitech’s curtailed mission.

5. Crocs

We really like this one. No conditions attached – just free, easy-to-clean, comfortable shoes for any healthcare worker in the US and Canada. They are even shipping for free at their own cost.

Find out more about Crocs’ ‘Sharing a Free Pair for Healthcare’ scheme.

6. Coding Dojo

Need help getting a website updated or online ordering enabled to help your business get through the crisis then Coding Dojo are offering free access to developers.  Its network of more than 4,500 alumni is being utilised to provide web and software development services for companies on a volunteer basis.

US only at the moment but we’re hoping to see more international efforts appear soon.

Find out more about Coding Dojo’s ‘Tech for America’ initiative.

7. Digital Ocean

If you’re already working on a tech project to help with Covid-19 but need more resource, money or visibility then Digital Ocean have created an online hub to help. With over 20 projects already supported, over 190 hackathons arranged and over $200k in grants available they are already helping us all to win.

Find out how Digital Ocean is helping tech companies combat Covid-19

8. Lego

Lego have retooled their factory in Denmark to make 13,000 safety visors a day for frontline healthcare workers. They also committed to giving 500,000 lego kits away to children in need during these hard times. #niceworklego

Find out how Lego is producing 13,000 safety visors a day.

9. Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson sprung into action right from the start. While you might expect a healthcare company to go beyond the call of duty, its donation of over $3.7m in personal protective equipment (PPE) for frontline health workers in China demonstrated an immediate understanding of the seriousness of the problem and the need to go beyond ‘business as usual’.

Find out how Johnson & Johnson is helping combat COVID-19

10. Iceland

Iceland, the UK supermarket and frozen food specialist, has enlisted UK families to film cookery videos from their own kitchens as part of a dedicated lockdown videos series. The idea is to offer very simple low cost recipes to help families eat well on a budget.

New research from online parenting village reveals almost a quarter (74%) of families are cooking from scratch more in quarantine and half are experimenting with new dishes, in a trend dubbed ‘quarantine cuisine’. So, Iceland is publishing a series of one-minute recipe videos, like the one below:

Find out more about Iceland’s campaign.

11. Dun & Bradstreet

The data and insight giant has been rather busy. Firstly, it launched a COVID-19 Business Impact Research Platform to provide government agencies with data, analytics and insights to help determine the full impact of the virus on business communities across the US, UK and Canada.

Secondly, Dun & Bradstreet has offered a free Business Essentials package to small businesses in the UK to help mitigate risk and restart growth following the coronavirus outbreak. For a three-month period, eligible companies can take advantage of its credit rating monitoring tool, plus an analytics platform for sales teams.

covid-19 business help

Find out more about Dun & Bradstreet’s Business Essentials Package.


Have we missed something?

For every one example we’ve listed above there, there will be dozens more we have missed (or even possibly hundreds). We would love to acknowledge every business that is trying to play its part.

Share your story with us below and we’ll gladly add you to this article.


Image by azboomer from Pixabay

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