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Mobile apps infographic – what do consumers think of apps & should your business get one?

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If you are wondering whether your business would benefit from an app, or if the one you already have is of value, take a look at the results of a survey into how they are viewed by consumers. This informative mobile apps infographic sheds light on usage, expenditure and more.
mobile apps infographic retail apps
mobile apps – infographic

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Have you ever wondered what consumers really think of mobile apps? With the usage of mobile apps becoming common practice, businesses that have apps need to know what’s working and why. The initial questions that need to be asked are:

  • how much do consumers spend in the app store?
  • how do they hear about new apps?
  • are they concerned about their personal data?
  • do consumers prefer to use a website over an app?

These are just some of the key points that businesses and retailers need to be aware of before tackling an app of their own. Letting consumers explore products, discover deals, locate nearby stores and even place orders in advance is a huge business opportunity; especially as research shows that consumers who use mobile apps to shop tend to buy more than they might in a store.

Having an official branded app helps demonstrate that you are a modern, connected business. When consumers search for your brand in an app store, you want an app to be there to catch those highly motivated shoppers. However, just creating an app is one thing, being sure it doesn’t load slowly or crash is another. You’ll need to consider the best types of promotional apps, that provide consumers with information about your product or service, along with direct access to the latest news. Other key aspects are revealed in this mobile apps infographic by app developers UK which surveyed consumers on the apps they use to try and determine what features work. Click the image to be able to enlarge it.

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Sally Hooton
Author: Sally Hooton
Editor at The GMA |

Trained as a journalist from the age of 18 and enjoying a long career in regional newspaper reporting and editing, Sally Hooton joined DMI (Direct Marketing International) magazine as editor in 2001. DMI then morphed into The GMA, taking her with it!

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