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Intelligent ABM: Why data is your passport to success

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Intelligent ABM

ABM is now a key strategy for any company selling to enterprise businesses. Its evolution from Key Account Marketing has been rapid. However, it’s much more than a cosmetic name change, with a new approach to data and account-wide awareness and advocacy now seen as key to success.

This multi-channel approach requires new skills, new technology and new partners if it is to provide real ROI for your business.

Read our best practice guide to discover:

  • The advantages of adopting an intelligent ABM strategy for your business
  • The top 8 reasons for using ABM
  • How to ‘flip the marketing funnel’
  • The Merit Direct ABM success framework
  • Why data is key to ABM success
  • Key sources of data in a data-rich world
  • How to use intent data to drive predictive ABM
  • Case study from LogMeIn on how it successfully implemented ABM to drive a 40% lift in average deal size, and more

Download our free guide today (registration required) and accelerate your intelligent ABM strategy with data.

Author: Craig Hanna
Managing partner at The GMA
Craig Hanna has 20 years of digital business experience helping clients create future strategies, develop robust customer experiences and make it all happen through end-to-end marketing operations implementation.

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