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How ABM can unearth dormant opportunities for sales and marketing teams

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Account based marketing digging

The GMA and MeritDirect have teamed up to produce a new report which explores the power of account-based marketing (ABM) and how it can be leveraged to create better returns for marketing and sales teams.

For those struggling to fully comprehend the benefits of account-based marketing or communicate them to buyers – this report lays bear its importance and how it will deliver a strong ROI.

One of its key findings demonstrates how account-based marketing can reveal ‘low hanging fruit’ for B2B marketers. With the right data tools in place, these opportunities can be plucked – and not left to rot.

Which, of course, is essentially what account-based marketing does: it concentrates sales and marketing resources on a clearly defined customer (or potential customer) within a specific market. A campaign can then be developed which provides the best chance to successfully engage with that particular target.

In other words: finding the right people, in the right places, with the right message.

It takes time and investment to put the pieces in place, but as Forrester states:

“ABM… does produce results for marketing and sales… it may take some work but focusing sales on specific accounts does increase the return on those efforts, especially over time.”

Entitled ‘Innovation in Data Driven B2B Marketing’, the report is an in-depth piece of work full of insights backed up by authoritative research and case study evidence.

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Mel Dixon
Author: Mel Dixon
Editor at Global Marketing Alliance

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