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Experts’ whitepaper labels Facebook advertising ‘a lost cause’

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The London School of Marketing (LSM) has released a whitepaper titled Facebook Advertising through the Years, infacebook1 which marketing experts claim Facebook advertising is no longer a cost-effective option for marketers who are seeking to build new audiences or attract new customers.

The whitepaper states: ‘From its early days, Facebook showed great promise to marketers. However, between its inception in 2004 and now, Facebook advertising has changed. For some, it has shifted from being every marketer’s dream to, quite frankly, a lost cause. While it vocally favours its users, lately Facebook has done little to satisfy marketers. Yet at the end of the day, it is the marketers who provide Facebook’s revenue.’

Now more than ten years old, Facebook has over a billion users and it is still growing. The lengthy whitepaper tracks the evolution of Facebook advertising over the past ten years, from the introduction of the ‘like’ button, to the demise of organic advertising.

The whitepaper concludes: ‘Marketers have been using Facebook advertising for over a decade and its continuing popularity with consumers makes leaving the social media site seem unwise. However, problems with the platform have continued to grow. While Facebook remains a strong way to build brand presence, when it comes to reaching new audiences or attracting new customers, marketers are now finding that their advertising budget is better spent elsewhere.’

Download Facebook advertising whitepaper

This downloadable whitepaper joins other resources freely available to existing and prospective students of London School of Marketing.

To access the full document, click here. Facebook marketing study


Sally Hooton
Author: Sally Hooton
Editor at The GMA |

Trained as a journalist from the age of 18 and enjoying a long career in regional newspaper reporting and editing, Sally Hooton joined DMI (Direct Marketing International) magazine as editor in 2001. DMI then morphed into The GMA, taking her with it!

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