How GDPR and e-privacy will impact on marketing

The General Data Protection Regulation is now written into law and implementation in May 2018 is fast approaching, but there are still some key areas for marketers where guidance is needed. Meanwhile, the ePrivacy Regulation – which affects all types of electronic messaging and cookie use – is progressing through the European law-making machine.

Is your business prepared? Find out how to be ready for the tough new regime which will impact on marketers’ use of personal data.

Join Rosemary Smith, Director of data protection and permission marketing consultancy Opt-4, for an overview of both Regulations focusing on the important changes for marketers and how to prepare for the known and the unknown.

April 3, 2017

Data Aided Marketing (DAM)

A three-hour session on best practice engagement and demand generation marketing, showcasing best-of-breed cases from around the world alongside top trends for this year.

This session will focus on various aspects of data driven marketing: not just digital examples around programmatic, content marketing and marketing automation, but also multi-channel programmes that use both digital and traditional together. In short, a fast-paced session on both quick-win ideas and smart strategic goals.

The session will be run by Steve Kemish, Junction and Craig Hanna, Global Marketing Alliance.

April 3, 2017


Join Philips, Photobox, Microsoft and Hunkemöller at MINT Global 2017 in Amsterdam 3-4 April 2017.

MINT Global is a truly immersive experience of learning, business opportunities and networking. From the unique venue at the historical Heineken Brewery to the evening, canal cruise, this is one event you’ll remember long after you’re back at your desk. Add great people, great content and a friendly organising team, and you can’t go wrong.

This year, the agenda focuses on Innovation and Leadership, Next Practice IS Best Practice. All our speakers are experts in their field and will inspire like-minded, progressive marketers to come together to Meet, Learn and Share

Topics of the day include, Brains and Brands, Social Listening, Data and Insight and Making Innovation Happen.

April 3-4 2017

Artificial Intelligence

Will artificial intelligence(AI) take our jobs seems to be what springs to mind when most people think of AI. Now that highly sophisticated cognitive learning technology can shoulder many of the tasks involved in marketing it seems more relevant than ever. But it is not all doom and gloom!

AI has the ability to free up marketers so they can spend more time tackling bigger picture responsibilities like finding the inspiration for the right idea and tone to make a real connection. Visions of a completely automated campaign are a little hasty! But, it is time to take advantage of the repetitive learning it can offer.

April 20, 2017

Webit Festival Europe

5000+ attendees from Fortune 500 companies, 200+ global thought leaders among the speakers,Major Brands, Policy Makers, Most Innovative Founders, Scientists and Hottest Startups.
Gathering some of world’s top enterprise leaders, Europe’s top policy makers and the hottest startups and founders.

25-26 April

Email & Automation

Create your own success with verified, real-world, actionable insights

Can trust, value and technology drive the rebirth of your email marketing? We are all aware email marketing is starting to find a new home in the digital toolkit, fuelled by technology and changing user consumption habits. So, have you got the new understanding, relevant techniques and tools your strategy needs?

It is time to make the most of innovation and automation to assess the future opportunities for your business and improve ROI. This event has been designed to help you do exactly that.

Get GMA Insight and keep you and your team up to date with global best practice in data driven marketing