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Data Innovation 2019 report: Challenges, risks and approaches

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Data Innovation 2019 report: Challenges, risks and approaches

In these tighter regulatory times, companies are being asked to innovate in a smarter and more considerate manner. We’ve teamed up with the Data Protection Network and OneTrust for a new report which outlines how companies ought to approach this challenge.

Over the last three years we have witnessed an explosion of interest in the issues of data governance, data compliance and data privacy which has been driven by:

1. People who have become more aware of how their online data is being used and are demanding more control and greater transparency.

2. Governments who are addressing their concerns by creating new regulations such as GDPR and the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA).

3. Businesses and organisations of all shapes and sizes who are having to comply with new laws and work out how to serve a newly empowered consumer.

Our new report looks at the challenges and risks businesses face in trying to innovate in this tighter regulatory environment.

The Data Impact 2019: Innovation & Compliance report summarises:

  • The challenges and risks around governance and compliance
  • Best practice for business & data innovation
  • How to approach data ethics in the right way
As Ian Evans, MD, EMEA OneTrust says in the foreword:
“The GDPR was a moment in time where the world collectively had a conversation about privacy, and today we are seeing the results of this dialogue.”
Download the data innovation report below:

Mel Dixon
Author: Mel Dixon
Editor at Global Marketing Alliance

Editor and freelance writer wading his way through the world of data. One step at a time. Interested in data driven marketing insights supported by... data.

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