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Data Impact Report 2019: data governance in a post-GDPR world

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Data Impact Report 2019: data governance in a post-GDPR world

The importance of data governance has long been recognised by businesses with complex data management needs. But GDPR raised the stakes and forced organisations of all sizes to get to grips with their data. Our latest report examines the pressing need for robust data governance procedures and what this means for organisations today.

It’s hardly surprising that 57% of respondents in a Gartner survey cited “supporting data governance and data security” as one of the biggest challenges for their data management practice.

A cursory look at recent headlines further emphasises data governance as a hot topic:

“Microsoft acquires BlueTalon to bolster data governance offerings”

– Venturebeat

“COF breach shows the increasing importance of data governance”

– InvestorPlace

“Asset managers warned over poor data governance in ESG rush”

In association with privacy tech specialists OneTrust and the Data Protection Network; we examine some of the pressing issues surrounding data governance today. Inside the ‘Data Impact 2019: Data Governance’ report, you will learn about:

  • Data governance and its increasing importance in light of GDPR and other global data protection regulations
  • The challenges facing organisations today in putting together a data governance programme
  • The key components of a data risk assessment
  • Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs) and the role of the DPO
  • The importance of building a customer-focused culture

Scroll down to download the report now.

Ultimately, data is in every nook and cranny of your business. It’s stored in multiple platforms across disparate teams. Investing the time and resources into a robust data governance programme provides the foundations which enable you to utilise data to its full potential while protecting your organisation and empowering consumers.

“Looking after individuals’ personal data compliantly needs to be embedded as part of your company culture, it needs to be second nature for your people – just like great customer service should be.”

– Debbie McElhill, Associate at data protection consultancy Opt-4.

Download the report below:

Mel Dixon
Author: Mel Dixon
Editor at Global Marketing Alliance

Editor and freelance writer wading his way through the world of data. One step at a time. Interested in data driven marketing insights supported by... data.

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