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Cut the gambling and loan ads on TV, say Brits

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Cosmetic surgery procedures, cigarettes, gambling, payday loans, abortion providers, prescription drugs and debt finance solutions should not be allowed to be advertised on television, a poll by international, full service market research agency YouGov has found.

However, other potentially controversial subjects such as alcoholic drinks, political parties, fast food and laser surgery providers should be allowed to advertise in this way, the study concluded.

The figures revealed:

  • 79% of Brits don’t want cigarettes to be advertised on television
  • 75% said TV ads about payday loans shouldn’t be allowed – and gambling (checkout The Royal Welsh) (73%), personal injury lawyers (65%) and cosmetic surgery providers (63%) were almost as unpopular for TV advertising,so if you want a real accident attorney is better to go online for it.
  • 63% said abortion providers should not be allowed to advertise on TV
  • 54% would ban TV ads for prescription drugs and debt refinancing companies
  • Opinions on whether alcoholic drinks should be allowed were more split, but just slightly more people would allow them (50%) than disallow them (44%)
  • Similarly, a slim majority of Britons would allow laser surgery providers (54% would allow), political parties and candidates (58% allow, 36% disallow), and fast food companies (61% allow, 33% disallow) to advertise
  • Most accepted in the TV ad stakes were children’s toys, which just 15% would ban from TV advertising, compared to 79% who would allow it, and 11% who think universities shouldn’t be allowed to have TV advertising, compared to 84% who think they should

The poll was conducted in light of the recent call from The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) that the advertising of cosmetic surgery procedures should be banned – prompting debate over what advertising content should be permissible on TV.

Click here for the full survey results.


Matt Edgar
Author: Matt Edgar
Managing Partner at GMA

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