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B2B Data Insight Report: Unlocking opportunity in a shifting landscape

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Our new report with MeritDirect takes stock of the current state of data-driven marketing. Drawing on a combination of surveys and interviews with industry leaders, we reveal how forward-thinking data marketers are continuing to find opportunity in a shifting technological and regulatory landscape.

We discover the mood is optimistic. Organisations are continuing to increase their investment in data and continue to realise its potential as a key business driver.

“…We’re seeing data being leveraged in smarter, more innovative and responsible ways. The complex mix of technologies and techniques which are currently being utilised underlines the importance of integrated and holistic approaches to data…”

– Karie Burt Senior Vice President – International/Privacy MeritDirect

Our free B2B Data Insight Report explores how marketers are:

  • Exploring data-driven opportunity today
  • Adapting and thriving within a tighter regulatory landscape
  • Leveraging a range of best practice approaches
  • Using data to drive both digital and offline marketing techniques
  • Preparing for the new technology, processes and tactics of the future

Today’s B2B data leaders and marketers are raising the bar of what constitutes great customer engagement and user experience by using data in a more creative, responsible and intelligent manner, in order to drive more favourable outcomes.

Download the report by registering below.

Yuval Ben-Itzhak, CEO at Socialbakers, sums up the nature of the challenge and opportunity:

“For traditional organisations which have been around for years it’s a big change. It’s not just about the tech. Digital transformation is also about the people and the process – and how to convince people to do things differently while still seeing an increase in their performance.”

Mel Dixon
Author: Mel Dixon
Editor at Global Marketing Alliance

Editor and freelance writer wading his way through the world of data. One step at a time. Interested in data driven marketing insights supported by... data.

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