About the Global Marketing Alliance

We have one simple focus, to build a toolkit of resources that help data driven marketers excel in their roles and drive value for their businesses.

We’re very upfront that it’s work in progress. We’ve made the first steps with our recent relaunch but there is much more to come.

Right now, you can access news, insight and best practice through www.the-GMA.com, attend our conferences or signup for one of our activity focused workshops (we believe in spending most of the time getting things done, not telling you what needs to get done). All of these will be expanded throughout 2017.

Later this year we’ll be launching a paid membership  option, which will include our premium content packages.

Why the GMA?

We believe that all marketing should be data driven. It’s somewhat controversial in some circles, but we explain why in this editorial opinion piece on “why all marketing should be data driven

We also believe that to get inspired, you need to be inspired. We live in a global age and great ideas can come from any country and any industry. By sharing those stories and examples, we hope our readers will find inspiration that they can then apply to their own businesses.

Our Alliance of contributors from around the world means our members can stay informed about best practice and learn about next practice, wherever they happen.

We’ve made progress in terms of our global coverage but are still actively expanding our list of contributors. Do let us know if you’d like to help.

The GMA editorial philosophy

Our editorial content is based on three core beliefs:

  1. We should always be useful. We will help our readers understand AND implement best practice.
  2. We are happy to Create and Curate. We don’t always have to create new content. Helping our readers by curating other content and signposting thought leaders can help them find what they need.
  3. We aim to take a global perspective. What happens in Brazil, India or Kenya (et al) can be just as interesting as what’s happening in markets that get much more coverage.