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Revealed! The 7 secrets of the optimal customer experience are . . .

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Based on years of research, this paper details how to provide the optimal customer experience – how to make it magical for potential customers along their user journey and how to make it more profitable for the product or service provider.
optimal customer experience

We live in an era when commercial success depends on a strong customer experience and high customer engagement throughout their user journey.optimal customer experience And the best way to understand why customers engage with your business, why they convert at checkout or even why they leave your site is, simply, to ask them!

Your customers are more than numbers, accounts, carts or cookies – don’t forget that they are people! While technology helps you better understand what they are doing, actually reaching out and creating one-to-one relationships with those people breaks down barriers and delights your customers. So, find out how to deliver the optimal customer experience!

This paper is based on seven years of experience, hundreds of successful implementations and millions of customer interactions. Download it now! Your GMA has partnered with Demand Exchange and Medallia to discover how to:

  • Add context to your analytics and increase conversion.
  • Collect feedback across each touchpoint to understand roadblocks that prevent your sales completion.
  • Use different feedback forms for different interactions.
  • Expedite responses to feedback from your most valuable customers, to keep them engaged and moving towards conversion.
  • Use feedback to boost your social media.
  • Ask the right questions to learn why your customers aren’t checking out.
  • Look for both quick wins and long-term big opportunities.

Sally Hooton
Author: Sally Hooton
Editor at The GMA |

Trained as a journalist from the age of 18 and enjoying a long career in regional newspaper reporting and editing, Sally Hooton joined DMI (Direct Marketing International) magazine as editor in 2001. DMI then morphed into The GMA, taking her with it!

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