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Riding the Cresta of a creative wave – international advertising awards finalists line up

Published by on July 31, 2012 11:40 am

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The New York-based Cresta Awards – launched in 1993 by Creative Standards International to honour an absolute standard of creative excellence in advertising and marketing communications – has announced the finalists in its 19th annual worldwide competition.

The Cresta Awards cover 11 major competitions: TV/Cinema/Online Films, Integrated Campaigns, Press, Outdoor, Ambient Media, Direct Marketing, Radio, Design, Promotions & Incentives, Crafts and Interactive. Work is judged on the basis of two criteria only: the originality of the creative idea and the quality of its execution. A Grand Prix will be awarded to the highest scoring entries that achieve a pre-determined standard (above a ‘set’ score).

Serviceplan Gruppe, München, achieved the top of the short list with a total of 25 finalists. Honours in the Outdoor competition include an entry for Health Care, titled, “The Fat Posters”. “The Fat Posters” also became a finalist in the Direct Marketing competition as well as in the Design competition for its Graphic Design. Rolf Benz, titled, “The Coffee Table Book” and Verband Austria Solar, titled, “The Solar Annual Report” were also finalists in the Design competition for Publication Design. “The Solar Annual Report” was also honoured for its Art Direction and in the Direct Marketing competition along with Thomas Cook Travel Temperatures Calendar and UNICEF Donations. UNICEF Donations was also a finalist in the Interactive competition. LEGO, titled, “Builders of Infinity” was a multiple finalist in the Interactive competition and for its Online Digital Design and Animation/Motion Graphics skill. LEGO, titled, “Builders of Sound” was a two time finalist in the Ambient Media competition and the Promotions & Incentives competition. BMW Efficient Dynamics , titled, “Sculpture” was a double finalist for its Typography and for Ambient Media. In the Television/Cinema/Online Films competition, finalists include: BMW C600, titled, “Modern Movement”; Kärcher VC 6.150, titled, “Unbelievable Power”; Santec Video Surveillance, titled, “Santec Prison”; BMW Lane Departure Warning, titled, “BMW Heads”, and BMW Series 1, titled, “BMW Eyes On”. To complete their tally, New York Lock, titled, “Kryptonite Campaign” and Super Sour Lollipops, titled, “Super Sour Campaign” were finalists in the Press competition and AOK Health Insurance, titled, “Hearing Test” was a finalist in the Radio competition.

BETC Euro RSCG, Paris, received 14 finalists. Three in the TV/Cinema/Online Films competition for: Evian, titled, “Baby Inside” and Canal+ , titled, “The Bear” for TV and Cinema entries. “The Bear” also captures an additional five nominations in the Crafts competition for its Cinematography, Copywriting, Direction, Editing and Special Effects.

In the Interactive competition, the agency scored two finalists for Canal+, titled, “Borgia”, one as a digital entry and the other as a mobile application. 13e Rue, titled, “I Kill a Friend 2″ and Peugeot, titled, “Body Way” round out the total in Interactive. Completing their tally, Collectif pour le Don du Vivant (Living Donor’s Assoc,), titled, “More of the Same” was a finalist in the Outdoor competition, and Evian, titled, “Baby Inside” became a finalist in the Integrated Campaigns competition.

HEIMAT, Berlin, attained 13 finalists. Four in the Crafts competition all for Hornbach DIY. “Symphony” won for its Art Direction, Use of Music and Editing, while “Change” won for its Direction. Both spots were also honoured in the TV/Cinema/Online Films competition with the spot titled “Change” scoring a win as a TV and Cinema entry. CNN Ecosphere was a finalist in three competitions: Interactive, Design and Integrated Campaigns. And Adidas, titled, “The Face of the Marathon” was a finalist in the Interactive, Ambient Media and Integrated Campaigns competitions.

Kolle Rebbe, Hamburg, was also given 13 finalists. In the Direct Marketing Competition: a mailing for Gerstenberg Verlag, titled, “The Real Cookbook”. This entry achieved two additional finalists for its Publication Design as well as for its Typography. In the TV/Cinema/Online Films competition, Vorwerk Kobold Deutschland, titled, “Mite City” made it to the list. “Mite City” also scored high for its Animation. In the Interactive competition, the agency’s client, Persoton became a finalist for its website. In the Design competition, the agency scored an additional three finalists: Colour Tracks, titled, The History in Techno” for its Publication Design; T.D.G. Vertriebs, titled, “Lolly Tools” and Stop the Water While Using Me for Package Design. In the Outdoor competition, UHU Glue, titled, “Don’t Move” became a finalist as did Inlingua Hamburg, titled, “Slow Brain”, “Slow Brain” also became a finalist in the Press competition as did, titled, “Updated Every Second”.

Young & Rubicam, Buenos Aires, attained 11 finalists. Three in the TV/Cinema/Online Films competition: Quilmes Beer, titled, “Equalism”, Lapiz de Platino Award, titled, “The Counter Demoralization” and Ole, titled, “Towel”. Ole, titled, “Hisker” was a finalist in the Interactive competition. There were five finalists in the Press competition: One campaign and two singles with the theme ‘Interruptions’ for Tabcin Headache Medication, and two single entries for, titled, “Minimized Office” and Tulipan Condoms, titled, “Birthday”. To round off their tally, the Tabcin entry became a finalist as a campaign and as a single entry in the Outdoor competition.

Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO, London, gathered nine finalists. Two in the Integrated Campaigns competition: Doritos, titled, “Dips Desperado” and Mercedes, titled, Escape the Map”. Both entries also became finalists in the Interactive competition. Other finalists include: Guinness, titled, Made of More” in TV/Cinema/Online Films; The Metropolitan Police, titled, “Robbery” in Radio; The Metropolitan Police, titled, “Next Door” in Press; Guinness, titled, Rugby” for its Illustration in the Crafts competition, and GE, titled, “Living Masterpiece” in Ambient Media.

Grabarz & Partner, Hamburg, attained eight finalists. In the Design competition: Volkswagen up!, an online iPad application honoured for its Digital Design. The entry was also honoured in the Crafts competition for its Animation/Motion Graphics. Their client Volkswagen was also chosen as a finalist in the Press competition, as well as their client, Sennhesier PXC 310 BT. Maxdome Children’s Films campaign was a finalist in the Radio competition. Completing their tally, Exit Germany, titled, “Trojan Shirt” became a finalist in the Ambient Media, Promotions & Incentives and Direct Marketing competitions.

Leo Burnett, Frankfurt, was given eight finalists. Sea Life Aquarium, titled, “Flying Sharks” and Fiat 500C, titled, “Cinema Challenge” were honoured in the Direct Marketing competition. “Flying Sharks” also became a finalist in the Ambient Media competition and “Cinema Challenge” in Promotions & Incentives. In the Outdoor competition: Frankfurt Association of Helping Children with Cancer, titled, “Thoughts Campaign”; Wikipedia, titled, “Knowledge is Power” and German Society for Nature Conservation, titled, “Megacities Campaign”. And rounding off their tally, in the Press competition, a magazine entry honouring Walter Luerzer, titled, “One of the Best”.

From the 51 countries participating in this year’s awards, 26 achieved finalist status. A total of 261 ads, campaigns and Interactive entries were chosen by approximately 100 top creatives. Pre-selection juries for TV/Cinema/Online Films, Press, Outdoor, Direct Marketing, Radio, Integrated Campaigns, Design, Crafts, Promotions & Incentives and Ambient Media were held in seven cities – Bratislava, Budapest, Helsinki, Matthews, NC (USA), Munich, Paris and Vienna. In addition, a separate pre-selection jury (20 jury members from 13 countries) was conducted for Interactive entries.

All finalists will be evaluated by Cresta’s International Grand Jury of 73 internationally-known creative directors, film specialists, graphic designers and interactive professionals from 42 countries. The jury is chaired by Olivier Altmann, chief creative officer, Publicis Worldwide, Paris. Winners will be announced on Monday October 22.


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